WWT II Replacement Trigger Blade


Woodfield GCP

Back By demand the WWT II replacement trigger blade. This replacement trigger blade has been made here in the UK, Take a look at the pics in the gallery of the trigger unit this blade will fit

it fits popular  rifles like the

Stoeger X10 – X20s  SMK XS18 – XS19,   Crosman Phantom, Optimus, Hamerelli 550,  Theoben Rapid 7 MKI, Remington Pest Controller, Remington Tyrant and loads more with the older style Gamo trigger unit.

The WWTII trigger blade is very easy to fit, it is a 2 stage unit when set up correctly. the lighter trigger pull will help increase the rifle accuracy, instead of pulling the rifle off target with the heavy factory unit the WWTII allows very light crisp let off.   WWT II fitting sheet

This blade also fits the latest Remington Airacobra, it makes it into a very light predictable trigger unit that helps improve the accuracy.

I recommend using a TORX T7 for trigger adjustment.


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