Welsh Willy Weihrauch Spring Service Kits

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Woodfield GCP

Welsh Willy Spring Service Kits are manufactured by myself  and are not available straight off the shelf,  I have been making these kits for the last 5+ years, I listen to my customers feedback & If i can improve my products I will try to do so, I design, manufacture & try the kits here myself before I let them loose on the open market, nobody else designs the kits for me, that’s why I have so many different kits available. Every kit is hand made, every spring varies slightly internally & externally, the delrin guides & Top-Hats are made to fit that specific spring in the kit. I use Titan springs in the kits and have found they give excellent results, the Titans are all cut to ensure they give close on the exact performance the shooter needs, so you don’t have to do any cutting of springs, all that’s been taken care of.

HW77 & HW97 kits are universal, the WW kits fit ALL models with 25mm & 26mm pistons.

There is currently 25 – 30 working day turn round time on all WW Kits

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The Welsh Willy HW Spring Service Kits Include

Titan Spring

Delrin Spring

Guide Delrin

Top Hat Delrin

Power Bands

Delrin Slip washers

NLT Grease


* HW99 & HW57 kits include steel piston lining shim *

There is currently 25 – 30 working day turn round time on all WW Kits

Please Make sure you know what you are getting into when you strip & tune your rifle, Woodfield-GCP cannot & will not be held responsible for any damage or injury caused whilst fitting the Welsh Willy Service kit to your rifle, the kits have been tried & tested and have been made to fit that specific rifle only. If in doubt have the kit fitted by a Gunsmith..

5 reviews for Welsh Willy Weihrauch Spring Service Kits

  1. Owen (verified owner)

    I have a WW kit in my HW80 and it turned a good rifle into a spectacular rifle. Quiet, powerful, smooth, consistent etc. It has a very narrow velocity spread, very little action noise and a light, predictable recoil.

    These kits are first class.

  2. Philip (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the spring kit for my HW77, I can now see why these are so special, everything is much smoother and quieter, hardly any recoil in .22.
    I like it so much I have now ordered another for my HW97 .22, I look forward to receiving it in order to repeat the smoothness in the 97.

  3. Gareth (verified owner)

    Can’t recommend this kit enough. My rifle was ok to begin with after a little home DIY. Fitted this kit today and has transformed it.
    Boiiing has been replaced by a metallic thwack which sounds a lot better. Recoil reduced and power up from 10.3 to 11.4 with Jsb express and only a 15 fps spread on the very first 10 shots previously around 60 fps. Should only get better as it beds in.

    Burrowing, flying and climbing rats beware!!

    Cheers WGCP
    Gareth Hill

    Next project an HW80. Only one place I’m coming to for parts!!

  4. Louis (verified owner)

    I bought one of these kits for a 1998 .22 HW97K mk1 that I was refurbishing along with a 25mm piston seal and new breech seal and it totally transformed the rifle, the cocking stroke was so much smoother and no nasty boing noise on firing just a nice thwack noise, I used the medium size preload washer and it was measuring 11.7 lbs , I’m going to be getting another kit for my .177 tx200hc soon, lovely kits and great service I wouldn’t use any other kits and couldn’t recommend enough!!

  5. rsspellets

    Ordered a kit for my HW97k in .22, absolutely fantastic kit, completely transformed the rifle, smooth, quiet and power just where I want it. Cant recommend enough, Many thanks!!

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