Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint



 Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint 

This rifle doesn’t need any introductions, it’s a top quality model from the famous Walther factory, accuracy is superb so ideal for target work or vermin control. bolt action with a 8 shot rotary magazine with slick action for a quick second shot, super quiet when fitted with a moderator, the barrel is already screw cut to take a mod.

The 200 cc bottle up-front is filled via a quick fill probe that comes with the gun, no need to unscrew the bottle, simply fill it up checking pressure on the onboard pressure gauge. The Rotex is good for approx 160 shots in 22 cal and 140 in 177 cal.

No need to drill any holes for a bipod as a picatinny rail has been molded in, the Varmint synthetic stock really does fit you nicely, Walther has gone to a lot of effort to get this feeling just right, the synthetic stock is made of high quality material that will take a lot of bumps and knocks.

The trigger is fully adjustable and gives a good crisp let off, manual safety catch at the rear of the alloy housing and very easy to set off or re-set back on.

Where this rifles true assets come in is when you fit a scope, a good quality scope will reap the very best out of this rifle’s accuracy, the model I have been using loves JSB heavy 10.34gn pellets, the accuracy will astound you at some silly distances giving you huge confidence  when out in the field.

A truly great rifle that shouldnt be overlooked.

I can get the Walthers in from my supplier within 2 days from order ( except for weekends, B/Holidays etc )  as long as they have them in stock, I know stock will be running out fast due to the high demand for this rifle.


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Walther RM8 Varmint

Walther RM8 Varmint 177, Walther RM8 Varmint 22


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