Victory CP2 CO2 Multi-shot pistol / Rifle



SMK have done it again. another NEW rifle/pistol to add to your collection.

The CP2 is a multi shot rifle that morphs from pistol to rifle & vice versa, it has a shorter barrel for shooting as a pistol, undo the pistol barrel fit in the longer rifle barrel that comes threaded ready for silencer, fit on shoulder extension and you have a full length rifle.

The CP2 comes complete with open sights, bolt action, magazine or single shot loading, threaded silencer,  power is in the region of 5 + ft lbs as a pistol and rifle is 8.00+  ft lbs ( depending on pellets used and outdoor temps ) also perfect for close range ratting & barn work, fit the silencer  for real quiet shooting.

I will be doing a review on this rifle shortly, I think SMK have come up trumps again with this little gem..

I can normally get the CP2 in within 2 days of ordering ( except for weekends )  

Air Rifles pistols CANT be sent direct to you the customer, they have to be sent to your nearest RFD for Face to face collection where there is a handling fee or picked up direct from us in our shop.

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SMK Victory CP2 Co2 Target Air Pistol or Rifle

Features include:
• Multishot Shot in both .177 .22
• Inter-changeable Precision Rifled barrel for greater accuracy.
• Overall Length TBC
• Metal Trigger Blade
• Grooved for Telescopic Sight fitted with open Sights
• Power 5.9 ft lb Pistol – Rifle 9.0 ft lbs  ( When I tested with JSB RS )
• Black Stock / Camoufage
• Weight 0.88 kg / 1.94 lbs



Managed to have a few shots with the new Victory CP2 today. First impressions are good, all fits together well, nice & lightweight good mag system, reasonably smooth cocking for a new out the box gun. Dropped a 12gsm co2 bulb down inside the cylinder tightened the end cap to release the co2, first few shots were a bit slow but after 5 or so dry fires it was on song. I used JSB RS pellets and they certainly zipped out the barrel in pistol form, just over 450 fps = near enough 6 ft lbs.  nice trigger, I think with a bit of honing could be made even smoother, It is adjustable.

With open sights and shooting at only 5 yds I was constantly getting 2p size groups. These could have been improved but I was dodging the rain showers.

I will be testing the Victory with the longer barrel on it soon to see how it performs.

So far so good, for the new CP2

OK. A quick update on the CP2 long barrel, I was thinking it would be pushing out in the region of 8 ft lbs ( same as the crosman Rat Catcher XL )  but to my surprise its actually doing 9 ft lbs with JSB RS pellets 13.43 grn = 548 – 554 fps very impressive for such a small rifle.

Didn’t have time to try the accuracy due to is pouring down again, This rifle would work well with a small 3-9×32 scope or the likes.

I’m going to stick my neck out and IMHO it seems to be a better performer than the Crosman, much better trigger, better sights, self indexing magazine and overall better made, you also have two in one, pistol & rifle so you don’t have to spend extra cash on 2 x crosmans.

Now also available are the WW silencer adapters for the CP2, these adapters screw over the std threaded adapter allowing you to fit the more common and easier to obtain 1/2 inch UNF silencer. nice blued finished with knurled thread adapter.

Custom Cocking Bolt, simply screws in to replace original bolt, very nicely made with blued shaft & larger ball for smoother bolt recycling.

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CP2 Pistol / Rifle

CP2 177 Black, CP2 177 Camo, CP2 22 Black, CP2 22 Camo, Silencer adapter 1/2 inch UNF, Custom Cocking Bolt, Alloy Silencer adapter