Remington Free Standing Folding Silhouette Knockdown Targets



Fantastic value for money, shoot to your hearts content with this superb target from Remington. Laser cut from steel plate nicely painted will give years of fun, available as a free standing folding target with 50 yards of rot free nylon cord pull to re-set.  

The trainer knock & re-set target, shoot the target so the centre falls, shoot & hit the lower smaller target to re-set, simply push target  into the ground (earth) on the spike and its away to go. Features target reducer rings so you can make your kill zone bigger or smaller to suit your skill levels. Happy Days !!

Remington Target Holder. Solid steel construction angled to reduce rebounds.  Re-fill with the Remington Green Ring targets.

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All the Remington targets have Adjustable diameter kill zone from 40mm to 15mm

Target can be set back up with a pull cord once the target is anchored to the ground

Heavy metal construction

Suitable for all power air rifles in any calibre

Remington Steel target holder, angled to stop any rebounds, solid steel construction, comes with Remington green ring targets.


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