Neoprene Bottle / Shroud & silencer covers


Woodfield GCP

We started making these covers back in 1999 for customers  and they proved such a popular item we have been making them ever since.
Made from double sided nylon coated neoprene they are a very snug pull on / pull off fit, the bottle covers are all hand sewn by myself here in the UK, each  one is fitted to the correct size buddy bottle so I can check for any flaws and good fit. 
The covers look small when you get them,they do fit  !!   they need to be stretched over, the double stitching sits at the flat end of the bottle ( not the neck) so the front rim is protected as seen in the photo.
On certain rifles the front stock screw has to be slackened, the cover pulled into place & then re-tightened…

Please allow me a couple of days to sew the covers for you as we sew them up to order..




Woodfield started making these neoprene buddy bottle covers way back in 1999, they were introduced by myself on the Air Gun BBS  and proved very popular. We now make a variety of buddy bottle covers Theoben bottles BSA/ Daystate/ FX .

The covers are made from double nylon faced neoprene, the covers are made in a way that they give a very snug fit, they don’t fall off they are a simple pull off / on, the base of the bottles are also protected (apart from a small 5p sized stretch hole), The covers  require a good hard pull from the base to get them to fit.

We have a few new covers added to the range, these include the FX Impact / CROWN covers, these are a perfect fit on the Lite bottle protecting the bottles front & walls, a nice snug pull fit over the bottle does not slide off. A small stretch hole is showing at the very front this is around 15mm max.

NEW FX Impact Shroud covers O/A length 40cm including the silencer

The next are the AGT URAGAN Covers, these are available in the Compact 210cc size and the 530cc bottles

We also make 400cc covers for the KRAL Jumbo/Max / ARTEMIS M16A / BSA BANTAM / WEBLEY EN4CER.

480cc covers for FX IMPACT & FX CROWN.

New RTI Priest MKII / Prophet 320cc bottle and shroud covers

I now also make camouflage silencer &  shroud  Covers 

Every cover is hand made by myself WW, each one is tried & tested for fit & finish on the specific bottle size to make sure all are 100%.


Additional information

Neoprene Covers

200cc Blk, 280cc Blk, 400cc Blk, 500cc Blk, 580cc Blk, FX Impact Crown 480cc BLK, Brocock Bantam 400cc BLK, Brocock 480cc, KRAL Jumbo 400cc, ARTEMIS M16A, Uragan Compact 210, Uragan Long, RTI Priest/ Prophet, HW camo silencer cover, Swift Stumpy camo silencer cover, Artemis P15 camo shroud cover, RTI Priest camo shroud cover, Artemis M16 camo bottle sleeve, BSA Volumetric silencer camo cover, AA Qtec camo cover


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