Artemis Silencer Adapters



Woodfield have various adapters for the ARTEMIS range of rifles & pistols. Made in the UK by skilled machinist, Perfect for fitting any 1/2 inch UNF silencer. The Artemis M16 / M16A / M16 D adapter is machined so it threads over the odd size factory thread allowing you to use any 1/2 inch UNF silencer, it is knurled so this allows you to tightly screw the adapter onto the rifle. The P15 adapter is currently aluminium and shows a bit of bling to the end of the shroud. The PP700W is a nice bit of kit, made of alloy takes any 1/2 UNF silencer.  All the adapters have a knurled finish so easy to pinch up tight without need for any tools. None of the adapters include the knurled thread protector.

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Artemis M16, Artemis P15, Artemis PP700SA, Artemis PP700W