The New Snow Peak ARTEMIS PP700 SA pistol is a follow on from the fabulous PP700W pcp pistol. The new Artemis now comes with  adjustable open sights a fully shrouded barrel with long dovetails so you can now fit your scope – red dot further down the barrel giving better eye relief.

The pistol comes with the usual filler probe and extra replacement seals. (You will need a snap fit connector to accept probe to fill the pistol £13.50). This is a full power PCP pistol that has found a big following world wide, just Google and read the reviews. this is a seriously good pistol, I can’t think of a better value for money full UK power pistol for this price.

The Woodfield PP700SA Silencer adapter is made to fit the threaded barrel and locating firmly inside the barrel shroud, the adapters are blued and have a knurled thread protector to protect the 1/2 inch UNF thread. These adapters will take all silencers with female thread. superbly made, just the thing you need not to annoy your neighbours 🙂

As promised by SMK a folding stock that simply screws at the rear end of the pistol grip, its a superb fit and a well made product, fold it up and fit in a back pack even with a silencer fitted, the stock allows for a super stable hold, fitted with a red dot sight this can be a superb barn hunting combo, and with 3 points of contact can be classed as a mini carbine air rifle.


Please note we cant send pistols direct to you this will have to be sent to your local RFD. They will charge a handling & booking in fee so shop around for best prices your end. All other items can be sent to your door.

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