OK now for something completely different from ARTEMIS. A side loading spring rifle with automatic magazine indexing. You can fit a 9 shot ( 177) mag or 8 shot (22) mag or use the single shot tray. Pull back on the side lever and the magazine automatically rotates and loads the next pellet, the pellet probe pushes the pellet into place ready for the shot, The magazines are held by a strong earth magnet, there are also machined slots that neatly hold your full magazine at the front end of the stock, again held in place by earth magnets, a very nifty different idea.

The rifle is adjustable for length from 39 inch to 41 inch it comes with a fully baffled 5 inch silencer so a large gun case will be required. The stock is made from a good quality polymer not the cheap nasty brittle stuff found on certain rifles.

I fired a few shots over the chrono and the rifle was pushing out JSB 8.44 grn at 760 fps = 10.77 ftlbs  ( this is out the box power )  there is very little recoil or vibration when being fired. There is room on the breech housing to mount a scope or red dot. I haven’t had time to see what the accuracy is like as yet.

22 caliber arriving shortly

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Artemis 900SR 177, Artemis 900SR 22, Spare Mags


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